Heads Up!

Design Miami Space Tomorrow 2021

I had the opportunity to participate in Design Miami 2020 during Art Basel, via ‘Space Tomorrow’ exhibition and Eventure. The theme was ‘Design your space tomorrow to help heal America(s).’

“Head’s Up!” is a virtual reality space inspired by the sky. Our sky is our universal shield and canvas, it protects us and is constantly in flux. While the year 2020 had been exceptionally difficult and full of change for myself (and many others), I hope those who got to experience the VR felt a sense of peace, unity, and a curiosity for what is to come.

The design began with  conceptual 12 x 12’ footprint which would be the walking area constraints of the person wearing the virtual reality set.

I created a 3D model in rhinoceros to that scale, imagining what it would be like to really inhabit a galaxy in the sky, full of spherical floating objects. The scale was set so that a person of avergae height of 5’5” could walk under and around these objects, as if they are too part of the system.